Education in the High School and University

Rizky Ramadhani, 1006700072

I have seen several things in which education in the high school and the university are different. There are new students who can not adjust the various differences in high school and university life. It is important for student to know it. The difference in high school and university is learning system, curriculum, extracurricular, and student activity.

First, education and curriculum system in university and high school are different. In the high school, students just being a listener. Different with high school, in the university, students should be active learning. Student have a discussion forum and they can delivered their argument. Discussion forum in university more exciting than high school.

Second, based on the way of teachers teach, in high school, the teachers care on your assigments. Teacher would ask us if we not submit the assigments. On the other hand, in the university, teachers not care you submit your assigments or not. When you not submit your assigments, you will get a bad scores at the end of semester.

Third, extracurricular in university and high school are different. In high school, the students focus studying in class. Not many students want to join the extracurricular. On the contrary, in the university, many student join on extracurricular activity because extracurricular activity can support their studies. Moreover, the extracurricular activity can become valuable experience used to apply for a job.

However, education in the university and high school have the same ultimate goal which is to develop the knowledge to apply in the future.

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